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Second Diocesan LIKHAWIT Songwriting Contest

This year, LIKHAWIT Songwriting Contest is launched once more! And this time, it highlights the most favorite subject of the world..LOVE....specifically AWIT SA PAGIISANG DIBDIB that can be sung as RESPONSORIAL PSALM, as part of COMMUNION SONG, and as LOVE SONG after the celebration of the Holy Mass for Matrimony.

August 31, 2004
-Deadline for the submission of entries (Liturgy Office, Malolos chancery til 4pm only)
Oct. 4, 2004 -Announcement of finalists for each category
October 9, 2004
-Meeting of Finalists
Nov. 5, 2004 -Finals and Awarding Ceremony

One (1) DEMO CASSETTE OR CD (Only the song title should appear on the entry label)
Five (5) copies of the LYRICS SHEET with guitar chords or music notation (The name of the lyricist/composer should not be included).
One (1) photo of the following: a. Composer, b. Lyricist, c. Interpreter attached duly accomplished ENTRY FORM
Duly accomplished ENTRY FORM and Contest Fee of Php 100.00

Click to Download Entry Form Here (needs Adobe Acrobat Reader to open)
Instruction in downloading - Right click then Save target as

Five (5) finalists shall be chosen for each category among the entries to compete in the Competition’s Finals and Awarding Ceremony. The said finalists for each category have a chance to win the following: The Grand Prize winner for Best Song will receive Php 5,000.00 and a glass trophy. The other 4 finalists will receive glass trophy each. The Best interpreter (chosen from among the interpreters of all finalists) will receive PhP 2,000.00 and a glass trophy. Texters’ Choice for Best Song per category will receive PhP 1,000.00 and a glass trophy.

HOW TO JOIN - Rules and Regulations:
    1.1 The competition is open to all amateur and professional Roman Catholic lay songwriters of the Diocese of Malolos
    1.2 All staff members of the Second LIKHAWIT Songwriting Contest 2004 of the Diocesan Committee on Liturgical Music are not qualified to join the competition.
    2.1 A contestant may submit any number of entries. Each song entry may be composed by an individual or may be a collaboration of up to three (3) writers, who shall collectively be treated as one (1) contestant.
    3.1. Each entry must be an original composition of the contestant and copyright to the entry must be owned exclusively by the contestant.
    3.2 The following compositions shall not be eligible as entries:
          3.2.1 Those which have previously been published, recorded or released in the Philippines and or abroad;
          3.2.2 Those which are found to contain two (2) or more bas of melody or lyrics similar to that of a published or released song in the
                  Philippines or abroad, and
          3.2.3 Any entry which in the sole determination of Diocesan Committee on Liturgical Music (DCLM) is not suitable for reason of
    3.3 DCLM and the members of the Competition Committee shall not be liable for any misrepresentation or fraud caused by the song
         entry submitted to DCLM.
    4.1 Categories: A. Responsorial Psalm; B. Communion Song; C. Love Song
    4.2 Lyrics
         4.2.1 The lyrics must be in Filipino or English but never a combination of both.
                  - If the lyrics include a word which does not have a general and accepted definition, the contestant must explain the basis for
                    including such word through a footnote in the lyric sheet.
         4.2.2 The text for the Responsorial Psalm should be taken from the Liturgy for Matrimony; the Communion song text may be biblical
                 or original; and the lyrics for the Love song may be biblical and original.
    4.3 Form and Length of Entries
         4.3.1 The contestant must submit an accomplished entry form for every entry. If an entry has two (2) or more composers or lyricist,
                 such persons must likewise affix their signatures on the entry form.
         4.3.2 The lyrics and arrangement of the song as recorded shall be final and may not be altered or modified unless the entry qualifies
                 as finalist, in which case the lyrics and arrangement may be modified in accordance with the principles of liturgical music two
                 (2) weeks prior to the scheduled date of finals and awarding ceremony.
         4.3.3 Any modification under this paragraph shall be subject to the prior approval of the Competition Committee.
         4.3.4 A composition may consist of any musical arrangement. A cappella music is allowed.
         4.3.5 The song must not exceed four (4) minutes, inclusive of intro and extro.
         4.3.6 Once an entry has been submitted to DCLM, the same may no longer be withdrawn.
5. Dissemination of Entry Forms
    5.1 Entry forms shall be distributed through the Commission on Liturgy Office, located at the Malolos Chancery, Malolos City 3000,
          Philippines. For further inquiry, you may contact the following: Henry de Jesus - CP No. 0920-4582014,
          and John John Dorega - CP No. 0916-7908043.
6. Submission of Entries
    6.1 There are three (3) ways in sending the song entries:
          6.1.1 Via registered mail;
          6.1.2 Hand delivery
                  For registered mail and hand-delivered entries:
                  Deadline for submission on August 31, 2004. If entry is sent through registered mail, it should be postmarked not later
                  than August 24, 2004. All these entries should be submitted to: DCLM, Second LIKHAWIT Songwriting Contest,
                  Commission on Liturgy Office, Malolos Chancery, Malolos City 3000, Philippines
    6.2 Each entry composed of a duly accomplished entry form, five (5) typewritten lyric sheets, lyric sheets with guitar chords,
          music notation (optional basis), photo of the composer(s), lyricist(s) and interpreter(s), and the casette tape or CD containing
          the song should be placed inside a long brown envelope. The casette tape or CD, the lyric sheets, lyric sheets with guitar chords,
          and music notation (optional basis) must not contain the real name of the composer(s) and lyricist(s) of the song.
          Failure to comply with the requirements shall result in the immediate invalidation of the entry.
    6.3 Failure of the entry to comply with these requirements shall be sufficient ground for a determination of ineligibility.
7. Copyright and Ownership Rights
    7.1 In the event an entry is declared a finalist in the competition, the contestant agrees to grant and assign to DCLM , including   
         Commission on Liturgy, the publishing right to the finalist entry, in accordance with an agreement which the contestant will execute
         with DCLM. In the event a finalist entry is declared one (1) of themajor winners (the “Grand Prize Winner”), the contestant agrees to   
         grant, assign and transfer unto DCLM for a period of five (5) years, the complete and unconditional title in and to the Winning Entry,
         including copyright, for all purposes, of the contestant, without any payment other than the prize which may have been awarded.
         In such an event, and without in any way limiing the foregoing, DCLM shall have the right to produce, authorize to be produced,
         exhibit, record, reproduce, broadcast, publicly perform, televise, transmit, sell, distribute, exploit, publicize, and use for any purpose,
         in any manner and by any means, the Winning Entry and each and every part thereof, and any and all versions, adaptations, copies
         and mechanical or other reproductions of all or part thereof, including mervchanding, mechanical reprtoduction, radio, television,.
         Motion picture rights in Winning Wntry and each and every part thereof. The exercise of DCLM of any of the above rights shall not be
         deemed a waiver of any right of action DCLM may have against the contestant if it is later on discovered that the contestant
         that the contestant is not the creator or owner of the copyright to the Winning Entry. Once the finalist is declared a Winning Entry,
         the contestant shall, and pursuant to the requirements of R.A. No. 8293 (The Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines),
         execute a Deed of Assignment of the rights stated herein in favor of DCLM which shall be acknowledged before a Notary Public.
         In case a Winning Entry was composed by more than one (1) composer and/or lyricist, all such persons must execute the
         same Deed of Assignment.
    7.2 All parties submitting entries to the Competition are deemed to have accepted the rules of the Competition, and agree to abide
8. Criteria and Screening
    8.1 All entries shall pass through a Screening Committee and shall later be turned over to the first set of Board of Judges that will
          choose the five (5) finalists for each category.
    8.2 The general criteria are as follows:
          8.2.1 Lyrics (The arrangement of words and ideas which clearly depict the essence of matrimony in accordance with the Catholic
                  faith and faithful to the norms and principles of liturgy and liturgical music) ................................................. 30%
          8.2.2 Harmony (Appeal of the melody in accordance with the principles of liturgical music)...................................... 30%
          8.2.3 Interpretation of the song ...................................................................................................................... 25%
          8.2.4 Over all Impact (Other concerns such as originality, music treatment, performance, audience appeal, etc.)....... 15%
    8.3 DCLM shall have the sole right to designate the persons who shall constitute the Screening Committee and the Board of Judges
         whose decision shall be final and unappealable. DCLM in its sole discretion may decide the number of screening stages and
         appoint up to a maximum of two (2) panel of judges: one (1) to determine the five (5) finalists per category and the other panel to
         determine the winners during the Finals. DCLM likewise
         shall have the sole discretion to appoint an independent auditing firm to monitor the screening and judging procedures for the 
    8.4 DCLM shall convene the finalists for a meeting to determine the following: Final musical arrangement of the song, official
          interpreter(s) of each finalist entry and presentation during the final competition.



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