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Diocese of Malolos

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DCLM History

  Since the Second Vatican Council, the Church commissions the establishment of a music  
  committee that will promote sacred music in the liturgy. The Diocese of Malolos is one of the
  dioceses in the Philippines that has become at the forefront using Filipino liturgical
  music in the celebration of the every liturgy.

  The Diocesan Committee on Liturgical Music (DCLM) found its roots way back the establishment
  of the Diocesan Commission on Liturgy. It was formally formed as a committee last 2002,
  after the 1st Diocesan Liturgical Music Convention held in Nov. 9 that same year.

  Headed by Fr. Gboi A. Samonte as its chairman, the DCLM gathered interested music enthusiasts
  from around the diocese to meet and plan and organize. The 1st group of members came from lay  
  composers, musicians and choir directors. From there, the committee branched out to the vicarial levels.
  Today, the DCLM is proud to have established vicarial committees of music in order to reach out to the parishes  
  especially those far from the diocesan center.

Past liturgical music directors include Fr. Rey Magnaye (+), Fr. Manny Manicad, Fr. Pabs Gregorio and Fr. Ruben 


The DCLM or the Diocesan Committee on Liturgical Music is the official music committee of the Diocese of Malolos. It is under the Commission on Liturgy. Its primary task is to promote liturgical music in all the liturgies celebrated within the Diocese. It prepares the monthly repertoire for the Maliit na Misal. It is the coordinating body for all the parish choirs of the Diocese. It also encourages home-grown talents in the field of music composition to create original compositions for liturgical use. It provides venues for training and development for all choirs and individual musicians.


Rev. Fr. Rey San Juan, Jr.


Rev. Fr. Gboi A. Samonte
Rev. Fr. Allan Antonio
Assistant. Chairman
Henry de Jesus
Assistant Lay Chairman
Dra. Celia Mendoza
Francis Jason Perez
Angelo Logo
John John Dorega
Composer's Guild Coordinator
Danny Isidro
Screening Committee

Staff Members:
Angelo Logo
Boy Alcaraz,
Peddie Medina


    Central District  A
          Spiritual Director:   Fr. Allan Antonio
          District Lay Coordinator:    Maning Reneido
          Vic. of Malolos Coordinator:    Sr. Emelita Cruz, OP
          Vic. of Hagonoy Coordinator:  Danny Isidro
          Vic. of Plaridel Coordinator:    Ven Giron
          Religious Sector:  Sr. Nori, HDW    

    Central District B
          Spiritual Director:   Fr. Neil Sevilla
          District Lay Coordinator:   Ferdie Calalang
          Vic. of Bocaue Coordinator   (vacant)
          Vic. of San Jose Coordinator:    Orven Cataniag

    Northern District
          Spiritual Director   Fr. GBoi Samonte
          District Lay Coordinator:   Angelo Logo
          Vic. of Baliuag Coordinator:    Raul Samson
          Vic. of San Miguel:   (vacant)

    Southern District
          Spiritual Coordinator:   Fr. Carlo Sorro
          District Lay Coordinator :        Dra. Celia Mendoza
          Vic. of Meycauayan Coordinator:      Eman Dazo
          Vic. of Valenzuela                  (vacant)

Jojo Hernandez
Web Designer

Screening Committee for Songs
John John Dorega, Danny Isidro, Orven Cataniag, Eman Dazo, Fr. GBoi Samonte, Fr. Allan Antonio



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